Prices for our classes come in the form of club membership dues. Dues are $40/month. Our non-membership price is $15/week.

Dues pay for facility rental, equipment maintenance, instructor travel, and scholarships. No matter which plan you pay on, you receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to Sword Circle classes in all locations.

  • Unlimited use of equipment while at classes.

  • Access to the Sword Circle Discord channel, where you can get further help from instructors and other club members.

On a case-by-case basis, we may decide to offer a scholarship to help with the cost of membership. If you cannot participate in sword circle because of cost considerations, please speak contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Private lessons

Sword Circle offers the opportunity to learn one-on-one with our very own Masters. No matter the curriculum- if we offer the service, and you are interested, Sword Circle can provide it!

These lessons are for Sword Circle members, and non-members. Below are the details offered and the following benefits:

non-members / members ($40 per month)

  • $100 per hour / $65 per hour

  • $25 rental equipment fee / $0 rental equipment fee

  • $20 travel fee outside 12 miles / $20 travel fee outside 20 miles

  • $40 fee (per) for over 4 participants / $25 fee (per) non-member participants

Location of private lessons is held at the clients discretion. Location of choice must meet the following:

  • meet the safety requirement's by Sword Circle (provided upon request)

  • meet the legal requirement's of local ordinance (i.e. Archery is not permitted in public parks)

  • must be legally able, or obtained permission to gain, access to property

  • overall meet the approval of Sword Circle instructor (Disclaimer:

  • Sword Circle maintains the right to decline any participation of services deemed unfit for safety and legality and any choice does not reflect the individual qualities' of the individual/ client of interest)

For More Information

Please contact Alex Foster at (919) 607-6953 or for any questions about pricing.