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Welcome, one and all- Lords and Ladies; Knights and Squires! Sword Circle is honored to present our first multi-event Knights Tournament! This event is designed for participants from all backgrounds and all disciplines- Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), Historical Medieval Battles (HMB), Armored Combat League (ACL), Large Area Role-Playing (LARP), Adrian Empire, Olympic Fencing, and more! Where we might not have accommodated all organizations in their respected practices, whether light armor, heavy armor, steel weaponry, or padded weapons. Our tournament is a test of skill while respecting the rules of play; play safe, play fair, and play for fun! This tournament will supply foam, leather, and plastic weapons to compete with, which will all be provided to use by Sword Circle. The follow tourneys will take place:

Single-hand Sword (Youth 8-12) (foam)

Single-hand Sword (Teen 13-17) (foam)

Single-hand Sword OPEN (16+) (foam- equipment required)

Daggers (18+) (plastic-equipment required)

Partisan Spear (18+) (leather-equipment required)

Rules and registration are provided below. This tournament will include prizes, medals, and the option to join a private awards ceremony not open to the public. This is intended to unite the community of European Martial Arts. While we all practice in our own respective ways- our journey is the same.





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Dinner &

Award Ceremony


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