Archery tournament rules


Our tournaments are conducted and held under the supervision of Sword Circle, and does not honor nor hold any prizes, cash or otherwise, as a reward for its competition. A $5 entry fee is required and all contestants are asked to register with the Sword Circle prior to the event. 

This event is promoted and open to all archers provided they are dressed in suitable period attire, (i.e. Medieval, Renaissance or Fantasy outfits) and capable of performing unassisted Archery activities/ skills, except as noted under Handicapped Archers. PATRONS ARE RESPONSIBLE AND MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT- THERE WILL NOT BE ANY EQUIPMENT TO BE LOANED OR GIFTED BY SWORD CIRCLE NOR THE EVENT.

Here is the line up for the 2024 Schedule (*note- all events are maintained under these rules)

Registration opens at the time the event opens the gates to the public and registration will close as detailed below. All Archers, youth and adult, are required to be present at the briefing. A briefing of the archery rules, range courtesy, and equipment inspections will begin twenty (20) minutes prior to the start of each Archery Tournament. Archers are required to be present for the briefing. Those who are not present for the briefing and inspection will not be allowed to participate in the corresponding tournament. Participants are welcomed to take practice during the operating hours of the event, which includes the Archery range set at ‘game’ distance (est. 12 yds.) and will include other beginner archers using the range simultaneously. No alterations can be made prior to the tournament times listed below. For the safety, courtesy, and legalities of this event, it is prohibited to perform any actions or insinuations of live archery other than where permitted, thus only at the Archery range. Unprofessional and hazardous lack of discipline, and respect, for the general public, volunteers, staff, and operators of the event may lead to dismissal from the event, and the property by event officials or local authorities. This could constitute knocking arrows on a strung bow, waving arrows in crowded or unpermitted areas, etc. 

The Archery Tournament is featured as a staged event and as such will be presented in a main public arena and will always be conducted with the utmost intention of safety and fairness. Sword Circle reserves the right to revise any rule in order to carry these two core values.


Upon the judgment of the archer in charge allowance may be made for various disabilities. For example, visually impaired archers may have someone tell them where their arrows strike the target. Archers in wheelchairs may shoot while seated. Archers unable to notch their arrows may have someone notch it for them, etc.


All equipment will be inspected by Sword Circle members for approval prior to participation as noted in the tournament details. Equipment not accepted is at the discretion of Sword Circle and cannot risk any ‘exceptions’ due to the safety of the public, or fairness of the rules as stated above. 



Archers and spectators are to be respectful and mindful when other archers begin to shoot or when a Sword Circle member is speaking. No un-sportsman-like conduct, vulgar language, rude attitudes or racist/sexist/discriminating remarks of any kind will be tolerated from the participants or spectators of the competition. Sword Circle  has the right to dismiss or withdraw anyone from participating in the competition. Failure to comply with any of the rules, regulations above, as well as Event rules and conduct or the instructions given by a Sword Circle member will lead to dismissal from the competition. Remember at all times that the bow is a deadly weapon.