As Sword Circle was founded on providing Swordsmanship Class, Sword Circle also provides Services of a wide variety to private and public venues. We focus on hands-on participation, and can adapt our Services to any of historical, modern, and fictional themes. Our most common Services include: Activities, Games (swordsmanship, ax throwing, archery, candle-making, period games) steel-combat, choregraphed/ theatrical combat, event coordinating, weddings, and much more!

Sword Circle provides these Services to be an opportunity for organizations, groups, and individuals, to experience history fist-hand. The efforts of our organization is maintaining historical education to all communities- far and local. We would be honored to assist our experienced services to your event needs, or ideas.


Providing physical education in many different disciplines-Swordsmanship, Self Defense, Archery, Ax Throwing, Mounted Combat, and more! Ages 6+ recommended.

Group Classes

Public classes offered by Sword Circle

Private Lessons

One-on-one, or a small family/ friends training


Providing specific personal training to large organizations


Proudly serving communities, schools, large/ small events, and venues, with interactive & educational activities, demonstrations, games, and more!

Medieval, Renaissance, Pirate, Viking, Starwar, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and more!

Educational programs

Historical & educational field trips, presentations, and more.

Faires & Events

Performing Medieval, Renaissance, Fantasy, fictional themes since 2011.

Craft shows

Offering hand-made products such as soap, leather goods, wooden swords.


Providing specific talents to public venues, private individuals, theatrical productions, educational shows, and so much more!

Parties & Camps

Birthday parties for all ages and summer camps

Rentals & Weddings

Rental options for tents, chairs, tables, and props


Demonstrations, performances, & shows