Sword Circle proudly teaches how to honorably wield a sword, showing respect for the weapon, each other, and the art. Our discipline primarily draws from the 15th-century Italian style of Fiore Dei Liberi, in addition to the German styles of Hans Talhoffer and Johannes Leichetenauer, while also gaining insight from other sword-fighting traditions from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and modern times.

Recreational swordplay

We use lightweight, cloth-covered practice weapons with a shock-absorbent core wrapped in thick foam. Students can make mistakes and have fun without risking injury.

Advanced instruction

Advanced instruction involves plastic, wooden, and blunted steel weapons, and appropriate protective gear. Advanced courses are available based on maturity, respect, and demonstrated skill - not age.

Other skills

We also offer instruction in ax throwing, archery, and self defense (Judo, Brazillian Jujitsu, Jujitsu, Krav-Maga, Jeet-Kune-Do, and Wing Chung).

Instructional Tracks (for Swordsmanship)

Sword Circle wants everyone to be able to participate in our organization while also to participate in a safe and supportive environment. To make sure those two goals do not come into conflict, we divide sword instruction into three different tracks: recreational, scholar, and master. Everyone can participate in the recreational track. Participation in the scholar and master tracks is by invitation only, based on experience and maturity (not necessarily age).

  • Participants in the Recreational Track are drilled in basic techniques and then allowed to spar while they receive real-time feedback from instructors. The goal of this track is to learn how to defend yourself in the arena - and hopefully win some of the time.

This track is taught by scholar teachers and assist with those looking for conditioning, fitness, hobby-activity, fun, and educational.

  • Participants in the Scholar Track learn more complex technique, but also how to evaluate and elevate the skills of their opponents, which enables self-assessment and self-improvement. The goal of this track is to learn how to actively improve technique, while learning the depths of self-discipline and promoting in the ranks.

This track is taught by Knights & Masters and assist with those looking to improve their skill, advance with ranks, recreational competition, conditioning, fitness, hobby-activity, fun, and educational.

  • Participants in the Knighthood Track use more authentic weapons (along with protective gear, of course) and engage historical manuscripts to develop skills for physical activity, historical education, modern tournaments, and mastery of the arts. The goal of this track is to develop a deep understanding of the art.

This track is taught by Masters only and assist with those looking to master the arts, compete in competitions, such as HEMA Alliance and other national tournaments, become an instructor, and dedicated training.